24-hour Help Line: 613-501-0171
 Collect calls accepted from children and youth in crisis

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.  Addressing the unique & diverse mental health needs of EVERY child, youth and family in impactful, empowering and life-changing ways.



Our entire Executive is comprised of Volunteers,  who are so committed and passionate about the wellbeing and future success of every young person who walks into our offices. We volunteer our time because we want all donations to be invested back into services.
NCYMH is blessed to have over one thousand volunteers nationwide and we still need more! 

OUR GOALS and Commitment to Volunteers and Valued Clients

  1.  Recruit Volunteers with an interest in responding to mental health challenges.
  2.  Provide monthly orientation and training to support volunteers to understand mental health.
  3.  Provide orientation and training to support volunteers to understand ways of working and relating to people that build community and belonging.
  4.  Create role descriptions for volunteers that involve mindfulness about creating welcoming spaces (physical elements and relational elements).
  5.  Involve volunteers in maintaining welcoming space ( reducing clutter, making improvements, making suggestions about improvements).
  6.  Provide volunteers with someone they can reflect with and talk to about what they are learning and experiencing.
  7.  Provide written materials to support volunteers learning about mental health.
  8.  Celebrate the contribution of volunteers.
  9.  Develop leaders and champions among volunteers who take particular care to support and promote safe space solutions.
  10.  Involve volunteers in planning for the future and in reflecting how things can be done.

Email Safe@ymhconference.ca to register.

Criminal Record Check

In order to protect our young students, if you have any history of violence with a vulnerable sector individual, please do not proceed with this application to volunteer.
Please only proceed with this application to volunteer of you are prepared to provide a vulnerable sector police check.