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Student & Family Advocacy & Action Plan 

Question for NCYMH;

Isn’t it difficult to advocate for others and fight for change especially in school and justice systems?

Yes, but my strength comes from God. This is not about being popular, this is not a popularity contest, this is about effecting change for the vulnerable, the marginalized and BIPOC communities.

Need Support? Email advocate@ymhconference.ca

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health has a wholistic comprehensive responsive treatment Family Action Plan

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health meets the students at the school to: 
• advocate for the student
• provide a grade specific tutor
• provide a youth mental health plan
National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health meets with the parents and caregivers to:
• provide family counseling
• provide housing support
• work to stabilize family units
• provide referrals for employment
• provide income plan
• give student clothing and school supplies
• educate students and families on systemic challenges