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We mourn Lexi Daken, 17 who died of suicide last week. It could have been avoided. 

NCYMH, the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health has raised $82,000 through private existing clients in the past 6 weeks and they will be opening up a Safe Space in Ottawa on August 15, 2021, to prepare for the 2021 school year. They have asked all contacts to reach out to their personal network in the hopes that they can open up a second Nova Scotia Safe Space. 

While making these preparations another precious teen Lexi Daken, 17 committed suicide last week. 
The parents are correct in blaming the teen’s death on the lack of mental health supports available in hospital emergency rooms when teens go there with a mental health crisis. 
Mental health is invisible. It is very difficult to detect in some young people. We need to work together to raise awareness and remove the stigma that children, youth and families are supported and cared for properly during a mental health crisis.

    Parents of teen who took her own life say Fredericton ER failed her just days earlier


    Fri., February 26, 2021, 5:00 a.m. 
    Please donate at https://www.ymhconference.ca and click on the Donate page. I have donated $2,000 this morning but even $5.00 helps. Stanley Grizzle Jr. This organization ( National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health) is compassionate, focused, tough and determined. They get the job done no matter what. I admire their vision and their grip and ability to overcome all setbacks and obstacles placed in their and to deliver. 
    Please donate to our Safe Spaces do children, youth and families receive the help they need during mental health crisis. Help us Save Lives Together.