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NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. NCYMH addresses the unique & diverse mental health needs of EVERY child, youth and family in impactful, empowering and life-changing ways.


The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health (NCYMH) is a hub and distributor of relevant BIPOC mental health research pertaining to the BIPOC community.

NCYMH is the authority for BIPOC mental health and academic and life success data collection, platforms and the provision of data to third parties to:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Drive Change;
  • Implement improvement strategies and;
  • Ensure the Delivery of those critical, immediate and vital client-specific, race-specific, culture-specific, region-specific, LGBTQ2, and suicide prevention programs.

As such, we provide weekly workshops to schools, school boards, colleges, universities, community agencies, governments and corporations on a daily basis. Our workshops always include:

  • Research
  • Data Analysis
  • A Measurement Piece. 

… So NCYMH can measure:

  • the ongoing progress of our training and workshops,
  • engage and improve and implement key specific client services and programming 
  • determine if organizational services need to be changed and how research and data analysis reveals any gaps, challenges and issues and which strategies and policies are bringing about the desirable impact of improving the physical, emotional, mental and intellectual wellbeing of all races, cultures and genders
  • focus on program enhancement, productivity and growth based on the ongoing data analysis.