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I Can’t Breathe
Equity & Unity National Tour

Launching Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Question for R. Maxine Awedalla;

Isn’t it difficult to advocate for others and fight for change especially in school and justice systems?

Yes, but my strength comes from God. This is not about being popular, this is not a popularity contest, this is about effecting change for the vulnerable, the marginalized and BIPOC communities.


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The Equity & Unity National Tour will launch with the
at 11 AM on October 21, 2020

Get out and Walk for 15 minutes in support of Equity & Human Rights for BIPOC.

For decades, our society has tried to understand ‘systemic discrimination’; why some students do better in school than others, why families of different races are treated differently when they apply for an apartment or go to the bank for a loan or apply and interview for a job. All that children and youth know is that it ‘hurts’ to be treated differently and see their parents, whom they looked up to, treated poorly for no other reason than their race, culture, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability, or things that are beyond their control.

This confusion leads to mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, low school performance, low self-esteem and family stress.

It also affects and impacts the children who witness these children and youth being treated differently as they innocently become bystanders to systemic bullying, often against their will.

Thus the state of being oppressed causes widespread environmental confusion, marginalization, isolation while consistently exposing all attendees to negativity, which is suffocating to all.

The I Can’t Breathe Equity and Diversity Tour is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to students and classes and educators in crisis and those who just want to keep building a positive neutral productive learning environment. It is a SAFE HAVEN and a STRONG SUPPORT for the bullied child and the child or youth who is bullying.

I Can’t Breathe will unify your classes, your workplaces and your communities and fill your communal spaces with understanding, positivity and the desire to learn and produce as a team for SUCCESS.

Human Rights Workshop

October 21, 2020  |  12:30 PM  – 1:30 PM 

Equity & Unity continues with an online  workshop discussing Human Rights issues.

Schools have asked National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health for Measured Research and Data Analysis to review increases in student’s success after engaging and participating in the I Can’t Breath Equity & Unity Workshop.

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health will be collecting data from samples of students across Canada.

Students can volunteer to take part in the research as well as parents/guardians of the younger students.


The Equity and Unity workshops are live streaming, interactive and through private registration only.
Please email educate@ymhconference.ca for a registration link or via the link provided below.


DONATE to the first Canadian Safe Space opening August 15, 2021 and receive “I’m not Brown I’m Human”

I Can’t Breathe Mental Health Theme is LOVE, VOICE & JUSTICE.

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