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Jacqueline Lawrence

Executive Director

Jacqueline Lawrence is a 24-year-old University of Toronto Masters’s student who has a Bachelor of Social Work and worked as a Community Youth Mental Health Worker at National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health for three years.  She is excellent at forming partnerships and making meaningful inroads into unique and impactful ways to address diverse mental health. She works quite differently than what is suggested in the manual books. She values her unique diverse lived experience as the key to forming a new vision in mental health that works. Jacqueline joins National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health’s existing Executive Directors. 

Sylvia Prosper

Co-Chair, National BIPOC Youth Mental Health Conference

Sylvia Prosper is a well-recognized Algonquin youth, with a Eskasoni First Nations father from Nova Scotia. Sylvia was born and raised in Maniwaki, Quebec. She has worked on and been featured in CBC documentary films and works as a writer, actress and commentator for CBC. Sylvia has recently attended Well for Culture workshops led by Thosh Collins and his wife Chelsey and believes in returning to nature and peaceful way of life to eliminate negativity, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies from our life. Sylvia has suffered from anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder and found refuge and strength at NCYMH four years ago in a weekly Wednesday night peer support group. Sylvia sees herself as a peace maker who volunteered on the Walking with Our Sisters memorial honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women and the Walk for Reconciliation. Sylvia Prosper in her role as Co-Chair at National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health seeks to listen to and understand both sides of an issue and reach peaceful reconciliation. Sylvia Prosper hopes to bring BIPOC peace and collaboration between indigenous youth and families and non indigenous communities through respect, dignity, honour and shared experiences. She feels that every person is entitled to their truth but the truth should be used to heal and not destroy. Sylvia’s email is Sylvia@ymhconference.ca

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Nys Lumarque

Media Coordinator

Nys Lumarque is an 18-year old National Collaboration for Youth Mental Healthteam member who is currently enrolled in post secondary studies majoring in Public Relations. Nys’ family is of Haitian descent. Nys is a team player who enjoys working with social media and credits himself for having a world vision on social and political issues. He is a very open-minded individual, looking to understand and help any problematic situation that crosses his path. Nys has been a passionate advocate for and supporter ofNational Collaboration for Youth Mental Health’s BIPOC and diverse programming for youth from every walk of life.

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Julia Tsoy

Team Lead, Communications/Marketing

Julia Tsoy is an individual compassionate in ensuring every voice is heard in outreach to various audiences. She is 20 years old, currently a third-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Public Relations program, joint with the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. She has a passion for helping and working with people, as well as an interest in communications, public relations, event planning, graphic design, marketing and similar areas. Fun fact: Julia is trilingual, she speaks English, French and Russian.

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Olivier Engoute

In house Psychotherapist & Board Member

Olivier Engoute is a registered psychotherapist in Ontario province. He graduated in philosophy and theology in Cameroon and moved to Canada to study Psychotherapy and counselling. He graduated with his Master’s degree in Psychotherapy from St Paul University. He is offering psychotherapy for individuals, couples, family and groups in Ontario and across the country. He runs a private practice and also offers his services in mental health and addiction. He is one of the first francophone trainers of the SMART Recovery Program in French. 

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Josephine Basudde

Clinical Social Worker

I am very excited for the opportunity to be part of the care team that provides mental health support to the racialized youth and their families in our community. My experience as a clinical social worker has provided me with the privilege of working with youth and families on issues of gender-based violence, mental health and racial trauma. I am skilled in crisis intervention, working with the homeless, motivational interviewing, resilience building, suicide prevention/intervention and harm reduction techniques

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Wendy Russell

Creative Team Leader, Board Member & Speaker

Wendy is an experienced artist and national speaker with a background in mental health, media and theatre and film. She lives in Toronto and writes the bi-weekly art blog for National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health.

Alex Emmanuel

Artist & Graphic Designer, Creative Team Leader

Alex is the 15-year-old artist who created the rainbow teared National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health logo when he was 10 years old. Alex is now at OCDSB and has worked for National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health for two years as a researcher and graphic designer. Alex launches his beautiful logo “Voices of Youth” on National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health’s website on December 24, 2020. It was a great holiday gift and received many likes on social media.

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Ayo Sanneh

Communications Intern & Speaker

Ayo Sanneh is a 14-year old freshman at a high school in Texas and is very passionate about minority rights. She has spoken on many open forums to try to lessen the injustice occurring in my school system. Some of her interests are music, mental health, and art. She plans to go to Georgetown if all goes well.

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Josh Hidalgo

Strategic Partnerships, Events and Public Relations Team Member

Josh Hidalgo is 24 years old and is a strong Agent for Change and effective programming in youth mental health because 70% of adult mental health challenges present before the age of 17 and go untreated. Josh completed a  two-year General arts and science – Media and communications program in 2017. Josh was born In Canada and his parents are immigrants from Nicaragua and El Salvador. What Josh loves the most about both cultures is the richness in history and the importance of family. Josh’s main hobby is photography, and he is hoping to one day have his work displayed in books, magazines, or campaigns. Josh is the proud owner of two fur babi and a bird as pets.

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Executive/Board of Directors

David Chimwaso
Allan Morgan
Kamala Tiwari
Karine Brown
Serge Lacoursiere
Galia Bronfman
Jean Augustine (Jean lives in Nova Scotia and is not the retired MP) 
Wendy Russell
Michaella Shannon
Olivier Engoute
Dr. Helen Ofosu
Mark Dunn
Josephine Bassude

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