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Stanley Grizzle Jr. Son of Founder, Judge Stanley G. Grizzle

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National Youth Mental Health Convention

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Question for National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health;
Why BIPOC & LGBTQ2+ Allies Youth Mental Health together?

NCYMH is committed to people, all humans. We need to come together BIPOC & LBTQ2+ Allies and ALL humans and work together as one unified collaborative group. We are unified in our pain and hopes for a better future. We want all voices to be heard and changes to made. Our mission is to prevent childhood trauma, prevent pain and save lives.

On March 3, 2021, the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health will bring together speakers, youth, families, and communities from Canada and around the world looking to move the needle forward for BIPOC LGBTQ2+ Allies youth and EVERY youth.

Welcome to a SAFE SPACE. The BIPOC LGBTQ2 & ALLIES conference. The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health’s multi-faith diverse FREE programs includes every race, culture, gender and orientation. Please donate.

Stanley Grizzle Jr, son of the founder, the late Judge Stanley G. Grizzle says, “the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health consistently demonstrated the same honesty, grit, and unstoppable determination that my father Judge Stanley G. Grizzle.

SPEAKERS and SAFE SPACE TRIBUTE TO LEXI DAKEN on March 3, 2021 Conference: The March 3, 2021, BIPOC LGBTQ2 & Allies Conference is hosted by Michael Fraser (Too Much Michael), and pays special tribute to Lexi Daken a 16-year-old Fredricton teen who died by suicide last week. Diverse speakers herald from Nova Scotia all the way to Calgary and are Notorious Cree (James Jones) (24), Naila Maloo (14) Author, Alex Emmanuel (15) Artist & Designer, Melody Berhane (15) Chess champion, Ahmed Khalid (19), Annie Smith St. George (Algonquin Elder), Gavin Smellie (Olympic Athlete), Lyse Pascale (former refugee), Bailey Jordan Neil (21) from Newfoundland, Maribeth Tabanera (Treaty One, Winnipeg), Vinita Puri (Social Worker), Angelique Francis (BIPOC Musician), Stanley Grizzle Jr., Wendy Russell (speaker, host, actress), Asante Haughton (Mental health advocate and speaker), Mitesh Gondalika, Mark Dunn (Awareness and Success Coach), Arifah Yusuf (Social Worker & Youth Engagement), Ally Samala (Empathy and mental Health speaker), William Leathers (trumpet player and Juilliard) student and more.

The virtual National Youth Mental Health Convention will focus on creating opportunities for support, as well as a platform for progressive conversations around creating the best – be it education, home life, opportunities, or income – for BIPOC LGBTQ2+ Allies Youth and All Youth.

This is the time to push past tolerance into understanding, and understanding into acceptance. This is about accepting that everyone’s story counts and this convention will amplify that conversation so that all voices are heard.

PROGRESS IN YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH NOW: It’s Time for Progress in Youth Mental Health for BIPOC Youth, LGBTQ2+ Allies Youth, ALL Youth. We need to expect progress and we need to receive the BEST….

Best Home Life – with the basic necessities of housing, food and employment, 

Best Education – free of unconscious biases

Best Environments – where we can feel supported, accepted and validated,

Best Experiences – which fill us with hope, faith and make us laugh,

Best Opportunities – which give us opportunities to express ourselves fully, give us income and a path to true personal success,

Best Interactions – we need to unconditionally accept each other, welcome each other and consciously seek to understand each other minute by minute in order to be mentally healthy and maintain our HOPE in a better future than yesterday. 

Best Minute by Minute Progress – We can move forward together by sharing perspectives and learning skills, finding resources which support us and help us cope together.

Register here and receive updates on conference schedule and details.

Questions? Email: progress@ymhconference.ca

24 hour National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health phone line: 613-501-0171 and toll free 1-833-441-2020

This virtual convention will also showcase a group collaboratively working to Improve Mental Health in Education by Increasing youth autonomy, choice, and consent in our schools as one of many Interactive presentations and workshops.