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NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.  Addressing the unique & diverse mental health needs of EVERY child, youth and family in impactful, empowering and life-changing ways.

United Voices

Hatred is Bullying

Say NO to bullying YES to Life

Introducing our first NCYMH Anti-bully Ambassador Vinita Puri. Each week NCYMH will introduce a new anti-bullying ambassador. Vinita will be speaking along with 15 other speakers on April 21, 2021, for the ‘Say NO to bullying YES to Life Conference’.

National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health is a Multi-Faith, Diverse, Youth Empowering Registered Charitable Organization. Our POSITIVE nurturing and comprehensive Arts programs, 10 Yearly Diverse Positive National Conferences, Campus offices, Pet Therapy Programs, Youth-Led Book Clubs, Danceathon Celebration concerts (Yes dancing is good for mental health!) weekly YouthVoice counselling support meetings and Parent Support sessions make us stand out and apart from other organizations.
YMHConference has advocated for 18 years for diverse, race-specific and cultural specific youth mental health services and in 2018 raised awareness by launching the diverse Positive Youth Mental Health National tour with speakers from every race and culture.
YMHConference feels it is very critical to confirm that racism and discrimination of any form has a profound debilitating traumatic impact on the Mental Health of Black and diverse students, which is why educational success for marginalized groups living below or close to the poverty line is lower. YMHConference believes in and provides comprehensive, responsive and race-specific mental health services from mental health professionals with lived experiences in order to break this cycle.
YMHConference serves EVERY demographic and has for many years provided race specific mental health services to black youth who continue to be counselled by black counsellors with lived experience.
Our Advisory Board consists of health experts, doctors, educators, counsellors and most importantly YOUTH.


Together, we can break the stigma against mental health.
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NCYMH grateful for donations to extend free counselling on Wednesdays for children, youths, parents and families.  Click here
National Mental Health Charity Reeling Amid Huge Support, Donations and New Partnerships: Launches Say NO to bullying April 21, 2021.  Click here
03/03/21 National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health, BIPOC LGBTQ2 & Allies Mental Health Conference based on Understanding, Acceptance, Unity and Love launches on March 3, 2021  Click here
28/01/21  Simon Fraser University students raise $7,214 for YMHConference, on Bell Let’s Talk Day!  Click here
23/12/20 YMHConference is proud to launch their second logo titled “Voices of Youth” from 15-year-old OCDSB student Alex Emmanuel. Alex drew the original “Rainbow teared human” logo. Congratulations Alex!

College Students Choose YMHConference National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health as 2020-21 Charity of Choice. Click here

24-hour YMHConference Phone Line: 613-501-0171 and toll free 1-833-441-2020

Launching the BIPOC LGBTQ2 Allies National Youth Mental Health Convention  March 3, 2021.  Click here 

YMHConference has adopted the Proclamation on International Child’s Day November 20, 2020.  Click here

Launching the Student & Family Advocacy & Action Plan.  Click here

Launching the I Can’t Breathe Equity & Unity National Tour on October 21, 2020.  Click here 

Launching an online Youth Convocation for ages 10 to 30 on Thursday, June 18, 2020.  Click here 

Launching internship and career tools and placement models called SHINE: Just Do It! on May 12, 2020.  Click here

Incorporating and reviving our animal-assisted Pet Therapy in mental health treatments for adolescents on June 12, 2020.  Click here

DIVERSITY in Mental Health: We will highlight Judge Stanley Grizzle, who wrote “My Name’s Not George” to demonstrate that systemic discrimination and racism can be overcome without compromising our values on June 18, 2020. Click here 

Let’s Talk: Positively Youth Mental Health Conference

The Youth Mental Health presentations are delivered by diverse mental health professionals whose presentations have been vetted and pre-approved by our staff of educators and Board of psychologists and the school boards we serve. The first event was launched on May 16, 2019. Click here

Who We Are

We are a BIPOC group of diverse, multi-faith, multi-talented youth, university and college students, dedicated educators, professionals, and humanitarians from across Canada rising to meet the evolving, dynamic, and critical needs of young people, their families, and communities.

We invite you to join us in our decision that our responsibility to children, youth, university students, and young career professionals involved caring about the emotional and psychological mental health of all races, cultures, genders, lgbtq2 and disabled children, youth, professionals, their families, and communities, as well as their physical wellbeing so that success can be achieved and all humans can reach their full potential.

We, as Educators, learned very quickly in our careers that we needed to create a safe, accepting, and engaging space within our classrooms free of the stress, discrimination, emotional turmoil, and trauma which negatively affects and prevents learning. Our commitment became to work with parents, professionals, and most importantly, our students to educate and increase awareness of mental health challenges for children, youth, and university students.

There is an immediate and vital need to provide a meaningful impactful continuum for black and diverse professionals from elementary and high school to university and through career placement by recognizing and highlighting the need for positive mental health wellbeing amongst black and diverse professionals striving for career success.

We feel it is very critical to confirm that racism has a profound debilitating impact on the Mental Health of Black and diverse students and black professionals at every age, in particular in post-secondary college and university which is why our I Can’t Breathe National Anti-racism workshops is for post-secondary students as well as professionals in corporations.

For black and diverse students, young adults and young professionals to succeed in post-secondary and in their careers as young adults we must address systemic barriers, implicit bias and racism and how it detrimentally impacts their cognitive, psychological and social ability to succeed in order to level the playing field so large numbers of black and diverse professionals can reach their full career potential. 

Our Partners

The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health is growing every day and at present comprised of Elementary Teachers Association, Secondary Teachers Association, the Association of Retired Teachers, Equal Justice Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association.


Facing Mental Health Together

Given that approximately 20 percent of the population experiences some type of mental illness, chances are very high that everyone knows someone whose life is touched by mental illness.

Increasing mental health awareness increases understanding, not only of what mental illness is but of the people who experience these mental health challenges. Knowing that you’re not alone can reduce feelings of isolation and shame; someone struggling with mental health issues isn’t “weird” or “defective” or the only one. Are you facing your own mental health difficulties? You’re not alone. You’re in very good company—humanity.

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